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bob rumpza

Public Relations Marketing Minneapolis, MN
Rumpza Consulting has been a tremendous boost to building our firm's image and awareness in the industry. We find the work done for us to be very strategic, timely and highly effective at generating results we can measure. Rumpza Consulting is pro-active, bringing us ideas before we have to ask and digging deep into what we do to help us frame our unique point of view in the marketplace. We highly recommend their work and value their level of professionalism.

AWARD NOTED in the 12/8/13 Minneapolis StarTribune :  "In August 2012, the company changed its name from Xata Corp. to XRS Corp., which helped mark its transformation from a hardware and software company to a mobile application company. The company and its agency partners — Bellmont Partners Public Relations and Rumpza Consulting — also recently won two Platinum MarCom Awards from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals for their work on the 2012 rebranding initiative from Xata Corp. to XRS Corp."


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