Tell Your Story Clearly, Convincingly and Powerfully

Most organizations fail to articulate their story in ways that move audiences to action. The Master Your Message process will change that.

Assemble your marketing or leadership teams for a session facilitated by experienced communications pro Bob Rumpza. Bob has worked on effective messaging for top brands – Marvin Windows & Doors, Toro, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Ecolab, Novartis, Honeywell, Lawn Boy, Owens-Illinois and Dairy Management Inc. (“got milk?”). Get your messaging on track with a process that includes:

  • Advance research on your marketplace and competitive environment.
  • A facilitated workshop with key management, including:
    • Examination of current market positioning;
    • Discussion of market dynamics and audience receptivity of your organizational position and messages; and
    • Brainstorming of messaging and positioning strategies.
  • The workshop is the input for a Message Platform and Positioning Statement that will become your guide for all organizational marketing and reputation management communications.
  • Micro-messages are designed for key audiences – customers, industry influencers, investors, community leaders, employees or government leaders.
  • Message testing with your audiences is a natural extension of the workshop, with fine-tuning and refinement of the messages.

Why look to an outside facilitator? Simply, only outside perspective can help you circumvent the familiar potholes, organizational barriers and sacred cows which can derail a strong message platform.

Invest in “Master Your Message” to launch your communications to new levels of effectiveness.

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